New Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

Babolat announced that a new racquet line titled “Pure Strike” will be sold worldwide beginning in December of 2013. The series will be sold across the U.S. in January of 2014. The first release of the Pure Strikes will feature two racquets both in 98 sq. inch head sizes: the Pure Strike and the Pure Strike Tour.

Babolat has the spin + power oriented AeroPro frame, for players looking for increased racquet speed and want to control their shot every time they hit the ball. Babolat also features a power & versatility frame in the Pure Drive, for the baseline oriented players who hit the ball at its peak and are looking for power.

The new Babolat Pure Strike racquet line focuses on the response and precision side of tennis. Thanks to the new hybrid frame construction, which is mixed square and elliptic, the Pure Strike features a great deal of responsiveness at ball impact. Players using this frame will get the prefect balance between response and precision.

Babolat’s Pure Strike has a very impactful and cutting edge design with a very technical color: carbon grey and fluorescent red.  New technologies to this frame include:

  • “EVO Beam” – a different thickness to the beam of the racquet means less torque at ball impact, which results in better responsiveness
  • “X-Sider” – the new frame is designed to increase the sweetspot by 10%, which will ultimately bring more forgiveness to off-centered hits

Babolat will also introduce “Stabilizer” technology in which the frame’s construction features a hybrid frame with a stiff carbon fiber for improved torsional stability at ball impact. This “Stabilizer” technology will allow the player to exercise those precise shots down the lines on either side of the court. The response woofer provides energy restitution which includes new “peabax” materials that are injected into the grommets.

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Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet Specs                                                               

Weight: 11.6 oz.
String Pattern: 18 x 20
Head Size: 98 sq. in.
Stiffness: 70
Cross Section: 21/23/21mm
Swingweight: 340
Balance: 12.8 in. Head Light

Babolat Pure Strike Tour Tennis Racquet Specs

Weight: 11.9 oz.
String Pattern: 18 x 20
Head Size: 98 sq. in.
Stiffness: 70
Cross Section: 21/23/21mm
Swingweight: 338
Balance: 12.9 in. Head Light


New Prince ESP Tennis Racquets

New Prince tennis racquets have arrived! Prince has released 6 new racquet frames with brand new racquet technology. The racquet selection features three different racquet models: the Prince Premier (115L & 105), Prince Warrior (100 & 100L), & Prince Tour (98 & 100T). Prince has made key improvements to their franchising of the racquets reducing from four to three cutting the Thunder series. Prince also has released updates to the Classic series (Original Graphite 100, 100LB, 107) to go along with the Prince Response 97.

The Prince Premier models really focus on the comfort & power aspects of tennis. The racquets are labeled as the game improvement collection, designed for shorter slower stroked players who are looking for maximum power in a lightweight frame. Both versions of the Premier racquet (115L & 105) feature ESP “Extreme String Pattern” technology, an aggressively open designed string pattern that is set to deliver up to 30% more spin. More spin can result in higher net clearance for more consistency and heavier, more-penetrating shots. These racquets are on sale now for $219.00 with a $10 discount if you decide to purchase more than one!

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The Warrior models are tailored for players with moderate to full strokes who are looking for that perfect blend of power & control. These new “tweener” racquets really focus on blending the perfect amount of power & spin. The Warrior collection utilizes 3 different types of playing features to meet the needs of today’s modern tennis athlete. The extreme string pattern technology generates up to 30% more spin to go along with an update to the EXO3 technology for up to 54% larger sweet spot. This racquet is a pro style racquet for a classic feel with maximum feed back. These racquets can be purchased for the cost of $199.00 with the $10 discount if you decide to purchase more than one.

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The new player collection “Prince Tour” is the ideal racquet series for the player looking for more spin and control. The Tour racquet series excels both from the baseline and the net and benefits from the new extreme string pattern technology. The tour series is best suited for players with long full swings who are looking for precise control. These racquets can be purchased for $199.00 with the $10 discount if you decide to purchase more than one.

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Nadal aims for No. 1

Rafael Nadal has not been on top of the Emirates ATP World Rankings since July 3rd, 2011.  If Nadal reaches the finals this week in Beijing at the China Open, he will claim the No. 1 spot in the World from Novak Djokovic who has held his spot on top of the rankings for over 2 years.

Nadal is having one of the best years of his career, compiling a 61-3 match record winning over 95% of his matches this 2013 season. Nadal has added two major titles (French Open & U.S. Open) to go along with 5 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events in 2013.  Since returning from an injured left knee, ultimately causing Nadal to miss the 2012 U.S. Open & the 2013 Australian Open, Nadal has been the most dominate player in the sport.

Nadal quoted after winning his first round match over Santiago Giraldo 6-2, 6-4, “I have an opportunity to finish the season with good feelings. There are important tournaments left to play, and here is one of those tournaments. Every match means a lot for me today.”

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