Federer & Williams Win Mutua Madrid Open | Blue Clay Controversy

It is quite apparent that the Mutua Madrid Open has created a sufficient amount of controversy. With the blue surface, being said to be fast, slick and a bit too slippery, why would the Mutua Madrid Open willingly create a dis-advantage for players? Each player must contend with the conditions of the slick blue surface, so in actuality their was no advantage to any of the players this past weekend.

Roger Federer was able to combat the court and the Czech, Tomas Berdych, winning the Mutua Madrid Open this Sunday (3-6 | 7-5 | 7-5) Roger Federer was also able to match Rafael Nadal’s record of 20 Masters titles with this latest victory. Roger did explain that he was more fond of the traditional clay, but with everyone being skeptical of the clay, he reserved his judgement and played the game.

Roger Federer raising the trophy for his latest victory at the Mutua Madrid Open May 13th, 2012


Will Smith Congradulates Roger Federer on his Mutua Madrid Open Victory with the suite from his latest movie "Men in Black Three"

Serena Williams created a statement for the young “pretenders” of women’s tennis when she powered to a crushing (6-1 | 6-3) victory over world number one Victoria Azarenka to win the Madrid Open on Sunday.

Serena Williams wins the 2012 Mutua Madrid Open

The subject of the clay has caused many to believe Mutua Madrid Open implemented this new surface as a way to put all the players at a level playing field. But with the blue colored clay being such a drastic choice, the question you truly need to ask yourself is; Was this clay a branding technique for Mutua Madrid? With the Mutua Madrilena Company sporting a surprisingly suspect blue logo and website, was this a ploy to exploit the Mutua Madrilena Brand.

Blue Clay was introduce by Ion Ţiriac, the owner of the Mutua Madrid Open, in 2009 on one of the outer courts of the Open. It has been said that the depth, compression and thickness of the particles all played a roll in the “slippery” court. But with Ion Tirac being a former tennis player himself, the controversy of the court might create long term effects with his hosting of the event, but this blue clay can and may be perfected so that it could be a “lasting tradition” in the Mutua Madrid Open. Yes it has stirred up quite a lot of talk but like all publicity stunts it requires quite a lot of talk to create a lasting impression.