5 things you may not know about Roland Garros

I overheard a discussion between a few of my co-workers regarding some facts about the French Open. I realized my knowledge and history of this prestigious event could use a refresher. Maybe yours too?

1.Roland Garros was built specifically in 1928 to defend the Davis Cup. The “les Quatre Mousquetaires or “Four Musketeers” consisting of Jacques “Toto” Brugnon, Jean Borotra (the “Bouncing Basque”), Henri Cochet (the “Magician”), and René Lacoste (the “Crocodile”) were largely responsible for France retaining the Cup until 1933. The champions trophy is aptly named “La Coupe des Mousquetaires”.

2.Roland Garros, a pioneer aviator completed the first solo flight across the Mediterranean Sea. An engineer inventor of the first forward-firing aircraft machine gun, and World War I hero. The first pilot to shoot down five enemy aircraft, and to be called an “ace” for doing so who was killed in aerial combat in 1918.

3.Center Court or “Court Philippe Chatrier” is named for long time president of the Fédération Française de Tennis.

4.The Roland Garros surface is invariably characterized as “red clay”, the courts are in fact surfaced with white limestone frosted with a few millimeters of powdered red brick dust.
The current facility is due to undergo a major expansion expecting to be complete in 2017.

5. Rafael Nadal holds the French Open record with 8 French Open titles.



Midwest Sports Blog Launch

We at Midwest Sports are proud to announce that we are taking a leap forward with the launch of our company blog. We will use this blog to gain a greater understanding of our customers, but return the favor by letting our customers know the Midwest Sports team.

Midwest Sports has spent years of research and focus on providing quality tennis products and top-notch customer service. We have since become a one stop shop for everything on and off the tennis court. With the technology breakthroughs in social media platforms, we have now taken on new ways of providing more for our customers.

Goals for 2012

Our main goal for 2012 has been to create a sense of community for our already loyal customers and new customers looking for a quality service. We like to think of ourselves as a modern ma’ and pa’ shop, we not only have all the bells and whistles. But we have a knowledgeable staff who can provide real answers to real tennis issues. Midwest believes that having the right information to make the right purchase is the heart and soul of this company. We know how important it is to feel confident on the tennis court.

Whats new with Midwest?

If you did not know already Midwest Sports offers you, the customer, the ability of searching for the right products for your specific skill set. With our simple and easy to read Information center you have the all the tools you need to make that next tennis racquet, tennis shoe, or tennis bag purchase.

Here is a list of everything our Tennis Information Center features:

  • How to select the best racquet
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  • Last but not least the rules of tennis


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