Prince 2014 Tennis Racquets

With Prince being below the radar for the past several years, they have returned with a vengeance for 2014.  Making up for lost time, there are a myriad of choices in the new 2014 Prince tennis racquets line.  Prince has released a new collection of 6 different racquet series featuring new racquet technology. The performance racquet selection features three different racquet silos: the Prince Premier (115L ESP115 ESP105 ESP, 105L ESP), Prince Warrior (100 ESP, 100L ESP, 100, Pro 100) & Prince Tour (95, 98, 98 ESP, Pro 98, Tour 100 (16×18), Tour 100 (18×20), Tour 100T ESP, Tour 100T, Tour Pro 100). Prince has made key improvements to their franchising of the racquets reducing from four to three cutting the Thunder series. Prince also has released updates to the Classic series, O3 Series, & the Hornet series.  Now lets take a look deeper into some of the nuances of these new racquet frames.

Prince image

Prince Premier

  • Focused on the comfort & power aspects of tennis.
  • Game improvement collection, designed for shorter slower stroked players who are looking for maximum power in a lightweight frame.
  • L Frame = Designates Lighter weighted frames
  • Replace EXO3 frames (Silver 115, Blue 110, Pink 105 & Red 105)
  • Each racquet within this series features three new technology updates:
  1.  EXO3 Technology: Enhances response & performance on the string bed. 54% bigger sweet spot.
  2. ESP Technology: “Extreme String Pattern” – Delivers an aggressive (14×16) string pattern designed to deliver up to 30% more spin.
  3. Double Bridge Technology: Dampens not only the frame but also the strings.


Prince Warrior

  • “Tweener” racquets focus on blending the perfect amount of power & spin.
  • Tailored for players with moderate to full strokes.
  • 3 different styles of the Warrior (ESP, EXO3 & Pro) meet the needs of today’s modern player
  • Warrior 100 ESP & 100L ESP feature EXO3 tech, ESP tech & Double Bridge tech.
  • Warrior 100 & Pro 100 feature 16×19 string patterns to go along with a heavier feel than the 100ESP & 100L ESP models.
  • “Pro” series tradtional grommet technology made for the players looking for the most pure feel & comfort.
  • Warrior 100L ESP replaces the EXO3 Tour Lite 100 & the Warrior 100 replaces the EXO3 Warrior 100.
  • Warrior 100 is John Isner’s racquet of choice


Prince Tour

  • The Tour series is best suited for players with long full swings looking for precise control.
  • The Yellow Tour models replace the “Rebel” series — these racquets feature smaller headsizes, thinner beams & are more control oriented than the orange & black Tour 100 models
  • Orange & Black Tour models (Tour 100T ESP, Tour 100T, Tour 100, Tour Pro 100) are all “Mid-Plus” frames.
  • Yellow Tour models (Tour 98 ESP, Tour 98, Tour 95, Tour Pro 98) are all “Mid-Size” frames.
  • Tour 100T replaces the EXO3 Tour Team 100 & the Tour 100 replaces the EXO3 Tour 100.
  • T (Team) frame = Lighter Frame
  • Tour 100 (16×18) is David Ferrer’s racquet of choice


Prince Classic

  • Traditional styled racquets. Not a lot of jazz with these racquets, just overall the classics are premium performance racquets.
  • Ideal for players looking for classic feel.
  • Ultimate racquets for feel & stability make all of these racquets classic frames.
  • Classic Response 97 features “Double Bridge Technology”


LS Series

  • Updates the O3 racquet series
  • Ideal racquets for power & comfort within oversized maneuverable frames.
  • LS = Large Sweetspot
  • Full of O3 construction around perimeter of frame hoop.
  • 4 head sizes (118″, 110″, 105″, 100″)


ES Series

  • ES = Expanded Sweetspot
  • 2 head sizes (110″, 100″)
  • O3 Construction at 12:00 only
  • 100% Graphite