Cracked Racquets “Great Shot Podcast” with Midwest Sports

Be sure to check out the April 30 episode of the Great Shot Podcast.

Host Alex Gruskin and Dave Limke of Midwest Sports discuss the brand new partnership between Midwest Sports and Cracked Racquets. Dave explains how Midwest Sports became one of the country’s premiere tennis retail outlets, how they ensure that every product they sell meets

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Cracked Racquets

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Dave Limke, Midwest Sports Racquet and Equipment Specialist – Q&A

Dave Limke, Midwest Sports Racquet and Equipment Expert, takes questions from users on Instagram.

In this video, players wants to know if there is an alternative racquet to the Wilson Prostaff which will provide more “punch”, how to choose the best grip size and the difference between Luxilon ALU Power and Babolat RPM Power.

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In this video, Dave provides advice on choosing the right string, the most control oriented racquets and choosing a string pattern.

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In the third video, Dave discusses the most significant, recent innovations in racquet technology. He also talks about string movement…why they may move and the affect on play.

The last video of this series addresses string gauge and lead tape. This is some great information for the most technical out there.

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